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Most of us like to believe we are not in danger. We are in mounting danger

.. It's not a thousand years distant, perhaps less than 10.

It CAN be remedied if we start now, but it is getting harder by the month...

Most of us expect somebody else to deal with both "defending our rights" (and property) and SavingThePla.net - We expect a deity, our parents, or a government department to know and “fix our problems for us”. … we are being irresponsible : "Passing the Buck" to live selfishly. We say "Not my problem" - but it is. We Must Change Us . and to do this StartByCaring.com , and take the attitude :-

If It's To BE, It's Up To ME

Synopsis : Global Problems : Global Solutions : Local Actions : Probabilities

We Blame "others" for their failure to care for us, whilst we personally fail to care for others too.

We CAN improve our INDIVIDUAL future prospects by Greedy acquisition of scarce resources - but this is at the expense of all others, Human, Fauna, Flora, Environment. we (collectively) need to work on INTERDEPENDENCE , not on the false hedonistic morality of (affluent) Independence.

We must be CONSIDERATE of the many "others" affected by our indifference

".. Down at the Mill, They've got a new machine.

Foreman says "It cuts Manpower by 15" .."


between 1800 and 1900, world-population in creased from 1Bn to 1.7Bn people

Despite TWO world wars between 1900 and 1945 it reached 2.5Bn.

Then “Baby Boomers” (I'm one) were added to reach 3.2Bn by 1965

The X Generation” were our excessive progenies, with BB following our parents stupid ideas. 4.5Bn by 1985

The Y Generation” (born 1985-2005) are not all “reproductive age” but those that are continue,, 6.2Bn by 2005

The Z Generation” (born 2005-2025) will soon be living, fighting and dying on this depleted, crowded, polluted world.

irl itrw - Money, organization and effort are all needed in the real world, If we are to get anything done.

It is often thought that the first thing to organize is money.

Although some time should be spent organizing money,

organizing the desire to collectively achieve an objective is the first need.

SWOT analysis.


the Y generation” (Born 1985-2005) still expect “elders” to ensure our future personal longevity and happiness, “after always loving our/their selves”. That is an ancient creed, after WW2 “Baby Boomer” for returned soldiers... “the right thing to do” at that time. But I turned 13 in 1960!

Problem #3 - “Global Climate Change” - but it's not just CO2 in air – heavy molecules end in the sea and acidify it.

2509-013 Pai,TH

Not everyone is Aware that the planet needs saving. And prefer to think “it is not my problem” - but it is, it needs doing, and can be done

We are ALL “Part of the problem” and both “We, and “the problems” are increasing, exponentially. We are currently consuming a million years worth of fossil fuel deposits annually, and that is INCREASING to the benefit of our greedy selves, and the detriment of the future of almost all creatures, particularly future humans.

We are not being FAIR. We are neglecting responsibility for the future, in our greed for “good times” today – Were ALL “stuffing it up for the next generation”

Not everyone is aware.

If nothing is done on these issues, (below) then we WILL “lose” it. - Many people will “no longer be able to live”

already this is so.... We CAN and we SHOULD do something about this, whilst we still can. It is NOT S.E.P. (Somebody Else's Problem).

The right attitude is “If It's To Be, It's Up To Me”

** Try saying that aloud a few times **.

Problem #1 - Global Overpopulation – made possible by over exploitation of Earth's “mine-able” resources at one million times their deposition rate, such “proud” Greed and Selfishness. The other problems are handleable, if we care. StartByCaring.com – If the world is to have better caring humans then a system of Birth Permits is as valuable as Driving Permits are to reducing collective danger from unskilled, careless drivers. .

Problem #2 - Pollution of Low Earth Orbits - “easy” to ignore we are “walling ourselves in” with hyper-velocity space junk INCLUDING Uranium and Plutonium “power sources” and the massive debris from their collisions, which goes UP into many elliptical orbits, a few of which re-enter and pollute varied (unidentified) regions of earth .and will continue to do so for many years or centuries if not “made safe” solutions? See UnitedSpaceAgency.com

Problem #3 - “Global climate change” - often cited as “the” problem. It isn't, it's third. It's mainly due to humans mining and burning “fossil” fuels (at one million times their deposition rate). We need to stop burning carbon. Stop digging it up to burn. Perhaps replace it (as carbon, NOT carbon dioxide and acids) in the ground.. Power can be obtained at lower cost to our future, and in our future. Geothermal has to be done on the right scale, in the right place. Similarly for solar, and again, TripleUse.com see also www.LavaPower.net

Problem #4 - Land, Sea and air pollution .most of planet Earth is sea, and most things end up there, with enough rain...the Atacama's dry Desert surface retains plutonium and Uranium airborne debris for a very long time. It should be measured there. It does not cease being active by “burning up in the atmosphere” - its just (a lot more) smaller pieces. What's an “OK” level of sand grain sized lumps on a beach of billions of sand grains? Is 100 OK? … part of problem #2 .. Producing “single use” or shoddy articles of plastic or metal may “just be unsightly” or affect birds and fish...mostly... Do we have a right to do this? - I suggest that almost everything produced should be capable of TRIPLE USE, and STILL be of value to recycle. TripleUse.com

Problem #5 - Environmental loss, damage and monopolization

That we humans “take over” all environs from other species impoverishes TheMAND.US – the corporate/national mining rape of land now claims all rights to even the sea bed and below “for commercial reasons”

Problem #6 - Starving People

Earth has 7.1Bn people, but 1Bn of them are undernourished, starving and/or dying,... yet “Mothers” and “Fathers” dump more kids onto this crowded earth, and get commended and subsidised for doing so (problem #1) Just providing food to the most over-breeding nations WORSENS problem #1. Failing to?


1) StartByCaring – This is usually the best place to start. If one's PRESENT Self is directly threatened we care. Our FUTURE selves may be “better off with more money” - even “money” gained at the cost of our children, or somebody else's children. We are putting all others at increased risk by our corporate greed. And by our national or individual greedy “acquisitions”.... We have to care about the world or the world will be unable to care for us. Hatred and war, oppression of others “wanting a small share” of human life may become armed... of just fester in their diseased lands, incubating a global killer plague...

2) Help me to help us all – I can analyse, invent, explain why different methods, devices, attitudes can reverse our decline (in all but numbers of “consumers” but I can't implement those changes without help. Corporate, mining and banking entities just want more consumers to rip off, Governments likewise.

My pension (just) suffices, I don't want to amass a fortune either for myself or a privileged heir to become a better privileged capitalist consumer... Contribute to non-profit organisations – your help and your thought, not just a tax-deductible donation, but that too, if you care and can.

3) THINK (and get good advice biased for, biased against, AND “unbiased”) before doing a possibly harmful act. Consider others, human and more.

4) DO SOMETHING that “costs you” to improve the future for all of us... don't just “lay your own costs” on others for personal greed..

* * * * *


IGNORING Problems is “easier” - passing “worries” on, to “authorities” to deal with rarely works. Such authorities … “civil servants” can be among the laziest of people, “Secure” in income for life, if they follow the ancient rule books, and don't “make waves” - Notifying your community leader, politician, president, or governor – even king – of your concern is unlikely to change things.

The above are GLOBAL problem, and we must ACT GLOBALLY. - Know what the problems are, and solve them.

All problems are Problotunities” – there are opportunities within problems, just as there are problems within Opportunities www.Problotunities.com

SIEZE the problems – for within them are the opportunities to do good.

You may not get the immediate personal gratification of gains – money, power, fame and recognition – perhaps such excesses are shallow and selfish

The long term “reward” is to make a better place and future for all of us, rather than just gathering more than our neighbors (who will then have less).


  2. so are your children

This is not a threat, this is reality. The question is, will humanity – and the Planet - be better off for having had you and I here? - did you “build up” more than you laid to waste? Did you care?

CLIMATE CHANGE is the THIRD most important problem. The term “Global warming” is less used, less accurate. Mostly due to CO2 emissions. A “trigger point” may QUICKLY change a “getting hotter” situation to an emergent ice age, as more humidity makes more reflective cloud. CO2 is a HEAVY gas and is absorbed by the sea, making it more acidic, so lowering the temperature at which ice remains solid. The icecaps ARE melting, but it's not just due to temperature rise. We're burning a million years worth of fossil fuel deposits every year to power our machines, and fertilise our farms. The removed forests no longer “freeze” that CO2 back to carbon, and crops grown there that do are burnt either industrially or biologically into CO2. We MUST reduce this consumption URGENTLY.

2306-013 Lord Oxford, Chiang Mai, Thailand – update.

A single action of any individual may change the world. Mostly, such single actions change very little even for that individual, but ideas can cascade into something wonderful or something fatal.

Communication can vastly enhance the value of even such a single action positively, or negatively.

Writing it down or illustrating such a concept allows more thought to be applied and value gauged from “an idea” such that many people can evaluate it, do it, or refrain from doing it. Such requires a bit more effort by the author and by the reader.

Reading requires some effort. Writing does too. But my private diary is not (yet) capable of either evaluating or constructing. This will change within this decade. The process has already commenced, and is accelerating, though its guidance system is still generally less than one sperm cell. (2013) The human brain is still the most powerful evaluator and developer of technology, technique, emotion and other driving forces.

My brain is of average size, maybe a bit less, but is capable of working out MANY problems, if set to that task. I have set it to that set of tasks, and have worked out many ways of making the (scientific) things that we do and have more useful, and less dangerous. I am no more a God than anyone else, human or imagined – but we ALL are gods when compared to most other creatures on this planet, and collectively we can remedy many of the destructive things we have and are doing, but it requires a team.

I'm not a good team leader – I am a Wizard, not a Magician – I seek to find new “mixtures” and organizations of matter to achieve repeatable useful tasks – not to deceive others for prowess in such deception – that's OK for show business and “how does he do that” wonderment and entertainment. I'm after making the changes that are vitally important for the continued existence of my species (and self) and our advancement to new lands and new technologies. I can't do this alone for the 7 billion people that need it, but a team can – If you are prepared to help, I welcome you, be you king, team, individual or machine.

SavingThePla.net is not a “Joke” domain – it's an important task that I have thought long and hard about at high personal cost. So far (15 years) there has been no volunteer to help in this task – but many knockers who criticize me for wasting my time (and money) trying. This NEEDS to be done, and the rewards are huge, if we can understand beyond personal greed and money. Life is a lot more important than that.

Do I have more to offer than an opinion or pontification? I think so – a single idea is not enough, but is a trigger for even a single human brain. Communicated to a team, some more wonderful ideas, schemes and devices may make life better for all of us, if we can ease off on the personal “greed is good” paradigm that infects us all. It's not what we take from life, but what we give to it that is the value of our lives, Not what we selfishly leave for our favored children to set them up better than the other poor sods that uncontrolled population growth and carbon consumption will leave impoverished.

There are three types of people in the world.... Those that can add up, and those that can't.

Contact … Oxford@ItsUpToMe.com

1806-012 abridged previous preamble

Saving The Planet is an option we humans can decide on … or can ignore, at the ultimate cost. It is not a one man task. Perhaps I bash my head against a wall when I point out www.TheObvio.us but it appears little effort is being made towards having a future our offsprings will be able to live in with our present level of comfort.

It is NOT FAIR on all our children's future – and all other creature's future that we continue to have

Too Many Babies .. AND .. that we burn all fossil fuels, OWN all land, and lack www.Duty-Of-Care.com

and let ourselves be divided and conquered by MONEY and possessions. And ignore starving humans whilst creating more that we can own and control “as an investment”

I don't expect universal agreement. I don't always get things right. I don't have the Finances, but I do have www.FineAnswers.com and many internet domains on which to “talk” to anyone in the world that wants to listen. I have been underwhelmed by people saying “Let me help you” and “I care” usually means only for oneself or one's “privilege group” or family. Thieves come and take what they want for themselves. Bankers do it with legal indemnity – even legal help. “The sick and the elderly are a burden on society” is today's Paradigm... Perhaps we “Baby-Boomers” have earnt that from our own failure to care and selfishness.


It is VITAL that we reverse the overpopulation of the Earth by humans and their exclusive needs and wants.

It is VITAL that we CEASE digging up and burning fossil fuels, as rapidly as possible.

Both are achievable, if we want to, and use our brains and technology wisely. There would be less hardship now than if we leave it another decade, or even another year – here are some “solutions”

  1. BirthPermits.com – causing a birth on a sinking ship is callous. Especially while others are drowning. On earth many people starve to death every day, and YOU want to add YOUR kid to that? How about getting an approval from those crowded in your lifeboat? It IS NOT AN INDIVIDUAL WOMAN'S “RIGHT” to have a child or 16 children – unless the global community approves. There are too many of us already for Earth's diminishing resources and available food producing land.

  2. Fossil fuel Extraction SHOULD STOP NOW – We know it is wrong and harmful, but we are addicted to it more than a smoker to cigarettes, but there is no corporate or government quit campaign, just a lot of bankers and governments wanting it's great taxability, eagerly expanding extraction whilst saying “we'll try to cut down” (By digging more, taxing more?)

  3. WASTE often ends in “landfills” and the entire worlds oceans as pollution. We should avoid manufacturing waste or “disposable” single use things. Triple-Use.com should be the design criteria – Re-use, not Re-cycling of cruddy unwanted negative value articles.

Energy Supplies (non polluting) on Earth are ABUNDANT. Nearly All of today's Earth gets its electric power by heat engines driving generators. Has done for a century. Mostly COAL has been the source with its waste thrown into the air and sea and ground, whilst a few Km below ground magma at more than 2000 degrees centigrade is 12,500Km deep. Sometimes, it's actually ABOVE sea level, yet we don't use it Icelander.Co is set to change that. But it needs your help.


We-ThePeople.com when 10% of The People have 90% of the money there is likely to be unrest. Those 10% need guarding H24 from the many people they ripped off. we don't care to be around them much, nor they, us, I guess, having just ripped us or our neighbours off. Physical revenge is not a good idea for either side, and the legal options all are in “big money's” pay, as is the government. We need to change that.

Www.Electoral7.com provides such a mechanism.

If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me”